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Heringsschmaus 2016

Heringsschmaus 2016     On 10. and 12.02.2016 "Heringsschmaus" in Marienhof.
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The history of the Marienhof

The house got its name from a nearby St. Mary's Chapel (Marienkapelle). The latter was erected by the population during the Wars of the French (1792 - 1815), and there is a lot of lore about it. Since then the enterprise Marienhof has existed.

Originally it was run as a diary farm with a guesthouse, then as an  inn, later as a spa house and actually it is a hotel with restaurant.

In the early twenties of the last century - the golden season of summer resorts - Marienhof tried to attract visitors with comfortable rooms equipped with electric  lights throughout the guesthouse and constant running water, which meant a rare high quality in those days.
Kirchbach in the Wienerwald became a flourishing resort and place of withdrawel for the inhabitants of the major cities who used to appreciate this beautiful part of the landscape so close to the capital.

Since Kirchbach was regarded a s health resort for a short time it was tried to run a sanatorium offering contrast baths and Kneipp like applications, without success.

Anna (her maiden name de Nardi) ** and Karl Bauer looked for a new place where their steadily growing familiy would have enough place"Lebensraum"  because the city had become too crowded. Finally they chose Utnerkirchbach.
In 1976 after two years of buidling and renovating the Marienhof was eventually opened by the Bauers as hotel and restaurant. The hotel gradually expanded and in 1992 the next genereation overtook the management.
In 2008 they began successfully the hard work of renovations and erecting a new additional buiding with all convenienves modern technology can supply: a spa with a large pool, sauna and fully equipped gym, a new bright dining room, a lift and comfortable spacious rooms.
The new house was opened in 2009.

**P.S. just a hint at the Italian roots and origin of our appreciated cuisine.

on the picture: Anna Bauer and the youngest member of the Bauer family Pauli

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